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How it works

Measure marketing impact beyond what's trackable

Digital tracking is dying - privacy regulations, cookie deprecation, policy changes - besides, just because something is trackable does not mean it is important to measure.

Predict embraces all marketing activity and potential contextual influences to measure and forecast what is influencing business outcomes.

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ROI investment comparison

How is current marketing mix performing? 
What channels are under/over performing? 
Where & how to shift effort and spend?

Predict calculates the RoI for each marketing activity as well as its relative efficiency - share of spend vs share of impact - providing clear indicators on where and how to shift spend

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Reach analysis

Review each channel or activity's reach and the increasing/diminishing returns from any spend adjustments.

Insight into Reach and spend gives critical context for optimisation and scenario planning

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Media mix optimisation

Predict allows users to experiment with 'what if scenarios' and forecasting.

Scenario plan impacts on business outcomes of increasing total spend or shifting spend share, with one or two clicks using Predict's Optimisation tool.

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The future of marketing is in your hands

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I have never been able to decide which half"
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